Intelligence and Investigation Talent Moves (15 May)

Ken Chan
2 min readMay 15, 2020

The news is that some professional service firms are cutting overheads by “voluntary” wage reductions, or requesting employees to take no-pay leaves. How about the hiring decisions? We continue to look at the intelligence, investigation and consultancy industry, seeing how some of the brightest minds are affected in this economic hardship caused by COVID-19.

Notable personnel changes in the industry are summarized as follows. The information is obtained through our sources as well as research of LinkedIn, Glassdoor, corporate and news websites etc.

  • In April we reported some departures at Nardello & Co. It is also learned that managing directors Susan Coppedge and Jacqueline Reynolds leave the Atlanta office of the firm. Susan previously served at Department of State and DOJ. Jacqueline was working with Department of Treasury.
  • Richard Fenning ceased his role as senior adviser at Control Risks. He joined the firm in 1993, and was appointed CEO from 2005 to 2019. Kenya-based director Simran Singh also left the firm.
  • Scott Baxter joins Berkeley Research Group (BRG) as managing director in the energy and climate practice; Terence Mark joins as managing director in the Tokyo office. On the other hand, managing director Heiko Ziehms leaves the London office; director Stephen Heath leaves the San Francisco office; associate director Darrell McKigney leaves the Washington office.
  • BRG also poaches Dara Hendrix from FTI Consulting in Los Angeles. Her new title is managing director.
  • Former FBI agent Bryant Ling becomes an associate managing director in the cyber risk practice of Kroll. Managing director Terry L. Orr leaves the business intelligence and investigations practice.
  • At K2 Intelligence, Robin Henry and Jaime Ortiz become senior director and director respectively, at the firm’s investigations and disputes practice in London.
  • According to Intelligence Online, the online reputation and corporate intelligence firm Avisa Partners hires Sylvain Fort, the former speechwriter of French President Emmanuel Macron.
  • Evan Schnidman joins Quinlan & Associates as subject matter expert.
  • Managing director Joseph Mevorah leaves Ankura (formerly Navigant Consulting) in New York.
  • Senior associate Shannon Rainey leaves Aperio Intelligence.
  • Will Barnes, an associate, leaves investigation firm RosettiStarr.
  • US Republican Mike McGavick, ex-CEO of XL Group, ceased to be senior advisor at S-RM.

Lastly, if you are aware of any new promotions or job shifts in the industry, feel free to share by email to We will add them to the list.


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