Intelligence and Investigation Talent Moves (September 2020)

Ken Chan
3 min readOct 1, 2020

There is a president who dubbed himself Tariff Man, but doesn’t want to pay taxes.

There is a startup which provides fraud prevention software, but falsifies its sales figures to defraud investors.

On 10 September, Las Vegas-based NS8 informed its employees that hundreds of them were laid off immediately. Employees had been told that the company was investigated by SEC for fraud.

One week later, NS8 co-founder Adam Rogas, who had just resigned from the position of CEO, was arrested by the FBI in Las Vegas. According to the SEC complaint, from at least 2018 through June 2020, Rogas altered NS8’s bank statements to show millions of dollars in payments from customers. Rogas allegedly sent the falsified bank statements and revenue figures on a monthly basis to NS8’s finance department.

NS8’s investors include Lightspeed Ventures, Edison Partners, AXA Venture Partners, Lytical Ventures, Sorenson Ventures, Arbor Ventures, Hillcrest Venture Partners, Blu Venture Investors and Bloomberg Beta. The fraud prevention company was launched in 2016, and the following team members were shown in the archived meet-the-team webpage:

Adam Rogas, Paul Korol, Phil Vizzaccaro, Eric Kay, David Hansen and Sean Clauretie

It is noted that Adam Rogas, Paul Korol, and Phil Vizzaccaro used to be executives of web analytics firm Net Applications. The firm has been publishing the market share of different web browsers (e.g. IE, Safari and Chrome), but there was doubt about the credibility of the statistics, as it was found that Microsoft and Apple were among the company’s clients:

After the hypocrisy, we continue to look at some of the personnel changes in the intelligence, investigation and consultancy industry. The information is obtained through our sources as well as research of LinkedIn, Glassdoor, corporate and news websites etc.